No doubt that we live in a world full of innovations that make our life so much comfortable. Sometimes just having your phone and keys is all you need to be ready to go out the door. This is especially helpful to those who are tired of carrying a full handbag of things you don’t need. But three is one rule: we should not miss an opportunity to make sure to have an accessory that is practical and fashionable, and in this case, it is a bag for your phone. 

Why do you need “another bag”?

Since our phones becoming smarter every day, it allows us to carry less of the things, such as bank and discount cards, or any other documents that can be shown in electronic format. Since phones became such important device, why not take proper care of them? This is where the phone bag comes in handy. By placing your phone and some other smaller items in a comfortable phone bag, you’ll be sure that your phone is placed safely and is secure from losing it or getting stolen. Besides, not having to carry it in your hand all night or making sure that it did not slip from your pocket is another important thing to consider before saying no to “another bag”. And one cannot miss the opportunity to get a fashionable and useful accessory. 

Where to find one? Brands that sell consciously made phone bags

We already covered a topic on how to find the right handbag, so don’t forget that the same “rules” apply here. It’s necessary to make sure that the phone bag would be made from sustainable materials that don’t harm anyone and the environment. Also, even though our phones are getting bigger in capacity and our bags are getting smaller, comfortability is the key. So, which brands can offer it all?

JW PEI – the brand that creates vegan handbags from sustainably made fabrics for everyone’s taste. 

Alexandra K – “vegan bags & accessories” - the name that practically says it all. Their phone “purses” are made from ecological fabric and are full of well-thought details. 

Versace – the company is known for its luxurious style and is ready to serve some great phone bags for those who are seeking some classy and rich looks. 

Cafuné – the brand that is on a mission to provide us with sustainable and elegantly looking, minimalistic handbags. 

May 20, 2021

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