With all that is happening in the world, people are changing their consumption habits. It seems that the “eco-trend” evolved to another level: the time when brands could’ve just slapped the label on any garment with the word “sustainable” is now over. Consumers are becoming more aware and educated on topics about material production, fair labour and other matters that lead the process of production. But what does it mean for brands, and how it’s going to change their manufacturing? 

Pay more but for what? 

Have you ever met someone who likes to brag about how expensive their outfit is? Or what kind of labels they wear? Well, I guess we don’t even have to have that friend, talks about how to look luxurious and expensive are not a new topic. But, oh, how the tables have turned over the time. The research shows that yes, people are willing to pay more, but for clothes, accessories, shoes or any other product that is made consciously. And they want and have the right to know what they are paying for.

All things matter 

Brands need to catch up with changing customers habits. But why people are drawn to these changes? The current state of our environment worries almost everyone. And there is no secret that we don’t want to limit ourselves too much. So, what is the way out? To buy something that is sustainably made. It won’t entirely stop us from getting something nice for ourselves, but it will ensure that we get the best product possible in terms of our own sake and at the same time that does less harm to the environment. For the brands this means that they have to step up their game in multiple sectors of production: sustainable material making, smart design, fair workplace and well-considered distribution. 

Case studies with value

Diamonds are girls’ best friends, especially when they are grown in a lab. Swarovski is now making their jewellery from diamonds that are grown in the lab. They came up with the technology that can create beautiful and real diamonds that are taken not from earth but made in the laboratory. This gets us thinking about all that labour ethic that workers in mins have to deal with. 

Another great example of a considerate brand is Veshin. The factory’s history shows how it is possible to make big changes if you hold onto what you believe. Their main goal is to create vegan production, keep being transparent and honest about what they do and doing it all for the planet. 


May 24, 2021

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