Ok, let's say you’ve started your sustainable fashion journey: you eliminated or completely cut off the mass market, always check the materials before making a purchase and, of course, you’ve ordered your Kaia Mar vegan handbag. What’s next? You need some decent learning resources to discover all the why's and what’s of the green fashion world. We got you covered with that.


What will you find in sustainable fashion blogs?

These blogs are all about slow fashion and sustainable fashion consumption. The main topics could include:
  • how to make mindful purchases,

  • insights into what makes a garment sustainable and high quality,

  • how to find sustainable fashion brands,

  • how your wardrobe can make an impact on the planet, 

  • capsule wardrobes and minimalism inspirations,

  • can also share some content on slow living too. 

Here we’re sharing with you our 5 favourite sustainable fashion blogs. Check them out for encouragement, style inspo, and support on your slow style journey.

1. FAKE Movement

FAKE movement is your number one resource to learn everything about vegan and ethical fashion. FAKE is an acronym for Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment.
The movement was born to educate and inspire people to advance the fashion industry into a vegan, ethical and sustainable industry. In their blog and podcasts, you’ll meet some amazing brands that are making a difference in the fashion industry.


Discover FAKE


2. Conscious Life & Style

Conscious Life & Style is one of the biggest blogs on sustainable lifestyle and ethical fashion you can find. There are hundreds of guides and educational blogs and podcasts. You can also find lots of how-to's about everything from secondhand and swapping to fashion activism and the latest fashion legislation.
We highly recommend you start exploring the blog with this post about 15 questions to ask brands. This one will help you better understand whether the brands you are buying from are moving towards sustainability or not.


3. Good on you

We were telling you about the Good on You app in our post about Sustainability and Innovation in the Fashion Industry. This app provides ethical ratings for fashion brands based on their impact on the planet, animals, and people. Besides the app interface, Good on You also has a great blog where they cover brand reviews, fashion news, helpful how-tos, in-depth guides and  hard-hitting reports.

Their article about fast-fashion is a must-read for those who don't want to see the elephant in the room.

4. Adimay
Aditi Mayer is a sustainable fashion blogger and photojournalist exploring the intersections between style, sustainability, and social justice. She interviews sustainable fashion brands, talks about culture, decolonisation, and labor revealing the good and bad about the fashion world.
If you want to dive deep into these topics - her blog is your haven.

Discover Adimay blog
5. Pumulo K. Nguyen
Pumulo is a slow fashion influencer who shares her sustainable fashion journey on Instagram inspiring her followers to join.

She is your genuine friend who shares valuable tips on ethical lifestyle, celebrates eco-friendly brands, and, more importantly, shows that sustainable fashion can be FUN!⁠

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May 04, 2022

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