Cactus Leather Phone Bag | Blue Strap

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Phone Bag

Take me everywhere! The Kaia Phone Bag is 100% vegan, made with high-quality cactus material with a smooth and elegant texture. This is a practical bag that allows you to take with you exactly what you need and a little bit more. 


Magji Strap 

Protect your energy. Our Magji strap is inspired by the divine, the mystery and unseen. Made with love and 100% of recycled PU. Discover your favourite ways to use it.


x 1 Phone Bag

Material: Cactus

Length: 10cm/4in

Width: 5cm/2in

Height: 17cm/6.6in


X 2 Interchangeable Straps

Material: Recycled Plastic Bottles

Adjustable strap to 3 different shoulder lengths:

- Small: 95cm / 37.4in

- Medium: 100cm / 39in 

- Large: 105cm/ 41in


Desserto cactus leather — one of the most sustainable animal-leather alternatives. It is smooth, elastic, customisable, and breathable material made of the nopal cactus plant. The production of cactus leather requires less water than making animal leather. Desserto is an award-winning plant-based vegan leather producer and is considered a pioneer in cactus-based leather. 

      At Kaia Mar, they stand for fair wages, ethical labour, and sustainable methods of production. 

      Cruelty free & PETA Approved vegan.