We are living in times when we have to think about how our habits and actions will impact the future. This is especially important for the fashion industry that is responsible for polluting the environment we live in. Having this in mind, more and more fashion brands think about how to become more conscious and sustainable.
But what is important to consider when buying new clothing or accessories?

Ethical companies are no longer seen as the ones that can wave a label that says “this garment is sustainable” in front of their buyer’s face.


Being a conscious brand is a complex task to succeed in. Running an ethical brand means doing it transparently, taking care of your employees, measuring the caused impact on nature. Not forgetting the most important part that interests the buyer too – designing and creating the garment that would feel and look great on a person and that would last for as long as possible. Having these criteria in mind, let’s go through this short list of ethical brands from UK and what they have to offer. 


Marks and Spencer

Good old Marks & Spencer that never fails their clients: this brand knows how important style is for their clients and so they are ready to offer some fashionable pieces that are made from natural fabrics using eco-friendly ways of production. Materials, such as cotton and linen, are comfortable to one’s skin and used in a smart design creates a garment that is there to last.


BEEN London

As a dish needs a dash of spice, our outfits sometimes need some accessorizing. BEEN London is there to surprise you with accessories, such as leather bags that are made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. Imagine getting a bag with a beautiful story of “re-birth”!


People Tree

For those who do not want to hop from store to store, People Tree can provide you with all kinds of clothing: from sportswear to a light evening dress. The brand is really serious about making their clothing from the most sustainable materials and numerous certificates prove this.



This British brand is focused on creating sustainable and long-lasting underwear for women and men. Pico is all about our comfort and health and this is shown through organic materials and simple design.



If you are tired of bland colours and simple designs, you should check Mayamiko, as it will give you both: colourful and daring designs and a whole range of consciousness put in one garment. Not only its pieces are made from sustainable materials but they also make sure to spread awareness on topics such as labour rights and inequality. 


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April 12, 2021

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