Tips on caring for your vegan handbag

Tips on caring for your vegan handbag

You’re the owner of a vegan handbag or are considering making the switch to vegan accessories? Congratulations! You're helping reduce your environmental impact and supporting sustainable fashion. Thank you, you’re the best!

Caring for your new vegan bag is important to ensure that it lasts long and looks great. So we are happy to share with you some tips on how to care for your vegan handbag.

May 04, 2024 — Kaia Mar
Fashion Activism: how it works and why do we need it?

Fashion Activism: how it works and why do we need it?

Fashion is one of the most powerful industries in the world, but there are many problems with how it's used. The fashion industry can be harmful to workers, consumers and the environment — and it often fails to address issues that matter most to people.
June 07, 2022 — Kaia Mar
Make it slow - 5 easy ways to fix fast fashion overconsumption

Make it slow - 5 easy ways to fix fast fashion overconsumption

If you ask us, what are the main issues blocking the path to a future of fashion sustainability, overconsumption will be on our top 5 list. The statistic says it all:  since 2000, clothing sales dubbed while clothing utilization declined.

It’s time to reconsider our buying habits and start making more sustainable choices. We’re here to help you break your fast fashion consumption habit. It’s not gonna hurt, we promise. You will even enjoy the journey.

May 16, 2022 — Kaia Mar
Our favourite fashion blogs for your conscious style inspiration

Our favourite fashion blogs for your conscious style inspiration

Here we’re sharing with you our 5 favourite sustainable fashion blogs. Check them out for encouragement, style inspo, and support on your slow style journey.

1. FAKE Movement

FAKE movement is your number one resource to learn everything about vegan and ethical fashion. FAKE is an acronym for Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment.
May 04, 2022 — Kaia Mar
The future of fashion: sustainability and innovations

The future of fashion: sustainability and innovations

Like you, we love fashion and all the beautiful things it brings to this world. But we also cannot ignore its dark side. The bitter truth is that the fast growth of the fashion industry turned it into one of the world’s largest pollution problems. Sounds terrible, we know, but there are some improvements and innovations which can change the situation.

In this blog, we’ll share with you some of our favourite innovations in the fashion industry and try to predict what the future of fashion will look like.
March 15, 2022 — Kaia Mar
4 tips to find out if a brand is sustainable or greenwashing?

4 tips to find out if a brand is sustainable or greenwashing?

When creating Kaia Mar, we have been researching the sustainable fashion sector a lot. And we’ve seen many "green" and "sustainably made" brands who just capitalize on the sustainability trend. So we thought it would be useful for you to learn how you identify if the brand is sustainable or just greenwashing. Make sure you save this post and send it to your eco-conscious friend so that more people can support truly green brands.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to buy eco-friendly clothes and accessories: 

1. Check the materials. 

The processes involved in creating textiles, especially synthetic ones, are often pretty harsh on the environment, using lots of water, chemicals, and energy. Opt for clothes and accessories that are made of natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, or hemp over synthetic fabrics. They are grown without using pesticides or other harmful chemicals, making them better for the environment. 

When it comes to textile clothing and accessories, consider choosing vegan, plant-based material. The options include pineapple leaves, apple peels and cactus textile. Also textile made from recycled plastic and much more. These materials  look and feel just like the actual animal-origin leather but have much lower environmental cost. For example, the environmental cost of cactus textile, which we use to produce Kaia Mar handbags, is 300 times less than the environmental cost of bovine textile. 

Unfortunately, not all vegan material is actually good and sustainable. Many of the vegan textile products on the market are made of 100% polyester, a petroleum-based material that is not biodegradable. 

2. Consider the dyes. 

Dyes are not the first thing you think about when buying clothes and accessories. But it is really important to know what dyes brands use since many of them may contain heavy metals and toxic elements. 

Luckily, there are alternatives. Here are 4 types of eco-friendly dyes that are better for you and the environment: 

  • Fiber-reactive dyes. As it comes from the name, these dyes react directly with the fabric making the dye a part of the fabric. Fiber-reactive dyes use less water, salt and heavy metals than normal fabric dyes. Because the color is permanent, clothes can withstand many washes and still retain their original color.
  • Biodegradable dyes and pigments have been found to be an excellent choice for designers who are looking at ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint. These environmentally friendly products do not require the use of heavy metals,  amines and inorganic salts. Usage of fiber-reactive and biodegradable dyes helps to reduce the consumption of water and environmental pollution.
  • Azo-free dyes are free of nitrogen based compounds that release aromatic amines. These organic compounds contain no heavy metals, so they're much better for the environment than their counterparts - azo dyes.
  • There are many different types of natural dyes that can be used to color fabric. These include  dyes derived from plants, fruit, algae, fungi, marine invertebrates (like starfish and sea urchins) and bacteria. The best thing is they're all biodegradable so you won't have any worries about running into environmental problems with them in the future. 

3. Look for brands that prioritize transparency.

Notice what the brands share about their manufacturing process. Make sure if they clearly speak where and how their products are produced, share the information about labor conditions, and have third-party certifications (Fair Trade, SA 8000,PETA etc). 

Why should you care about that? Well, here is the thing, if a shirt from a big mass-market brand priced $5, it means that it’s manufacturing cost is around 5-10 cents. And for a factory to promise a large amount of item units for the price of 1 -10 cents each, they need cheap and fast labor. This leads to factories hiring kids, abusing women to work 80 hours a week to make sure the factory itself makes a profit. It's a long line of people trying to make money and gain the most profit possible. 

If you chose not to support this violation of human rights and labor laws, don’t hesitate to ask for more information. Brands that are making sustainable and ethical choices will not shy away from any questions you have in regards to where their garments are made, by whom, or what fabrics they use. 

4. Explore small businesses 

You can make a difference in the fashion industry by choosing to support sustainable small businesses. These brands create amazing things, made of vegan and biodegradable materials with minimal water waste and air pollution while still providing you with great quality clothing and accessories! 

Unfortunately, they cannot compete against fast-fashion giants who produce new items every season and spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns. But you know what? Your choice can make a difference. Look for sustainable fashion brands and see if they are truly green or not by following the tips above!

The world needs more people who care about how their clothes and accessories are produced.  Use these tips when making purchasing decisions to be sure you'll get your money's worth while still being good stewards over our beautiful blue marble up there...

February 15, 2022 — Kaia Mar
Kaia Mar Successfully Launched on Kickstarter

Kaia Mar Successfully Launched on Kickstarter

We are happy to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for Kaia Mar has come to an end with the successful result of £12,329 funded. Thank you for your support and trust in our brand! 

We are beyond excited and can't wait for our first clients to receive their orders and share their feedback. The Kaia Mar community is growing rapidly and we are happy that you share our vision on sustainable and slow fashion that doesn’t come at a cost for our planet. 

How did we make it happen?

Kaia Mar's journey began with a crazy idea to create a planet-positive accessories brand. We started researching different alternative materials and found Desserto, an award-winning cactus textile producer. Cactus is a perfect plant-based material for our bags since it is vegan, cruelty-free, and durable material which looks as good as the one made from cows, if not better.

Our bags are produced at the world’s first vegan factory - Veshin. We believe in their philosophy of eco-friendly and circular manufacturing practices that align with our mission and values. 

With such beautiful and sustainability-forward brands as Deserto and Veshin, we'll be able to make a difference in this world by creating innovative, eco-friendly, premium cactus textile handbags that you will love.

Kaia Mar first collection - An ode to the joy and beauty of Nature

Our phone bag
Whether you're headed to the airport, to grab a drink with friends, or to walk the dog - this minimalistic phone bag keeps all your essentials in one place.
The bag is made to keep your essentials safe and sound. It's spacious enough for smartphones, wallets or other small items. The magnetic closure snaps securely shut so everything you need is beautifully secure in one place.

Our Boxy Bag
Carry all your on-the-go essentials with this minimalistic geometric design by Kaia Mar.
This bag is perfect for any occasion. It can be used in a range of different settings, from parties to parks and everything else in between! This versatile design offers versatility with its interchangeable straps - you'll have no problem finding one that fits your personality perfectly.
This bag is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be positioned cross-body or over the shoulder, making it more versatile for any occasion. The strap comes in 3 different lengths, so you can personalize it to your height and style preferences.

Interchangeable Straps
Take your bag to the next level with Kaia Mar Straps and transform the look of every bag that you own. Kaia's straps are made from recycled PU material. They come in two designs to suit any personality and style!

What's next?

Once again thanks a lot for your generous donation to our brand. You are all part of this journey towards a genuine sustainable fashion experience! 
We're so excited to be able to use this funding for something that will really make a difference! 

We will use the money to pay for part of the cost of production as well as invest in developing  additional straps and offering an extended colour range for our bags. Most importantly, it will fuel the vision we have for Kaia Mar.

Stay tuned and join our green fashion journey. Together we can make a difference and change the world of fashion for the better. 
If you have any additional questions please email us at
In the meantime, you can follow the journey in our social media accounts 

January 08, 2022 — Kaia Mar
The end of the beginning. The launch of Kaia Mar

The end of the beginning. The launch of Kaia Mar

Those who say we should dream big are right, as what was just an idea for us back in 2020 turned into a business for Kaia Mar a year later. The brand is off to a start on Kickstarter, where people, or in Kickstarter’s terms backers, can order their early bird bundles of the very first Kaia Mar production.

One of the main reasons we started Kaia Mar was to provide people with sustainable and high-quality bags and accessories. This is why a lot of attention is given to the materials from which the products are made as well as the manufacturer who would ensure successful production of the items. To get off on the right foot, we started working with reliable partners. One of them being Desserto – a leader in cactus textile production and another important partner Veshin – a sustainable fashion manufacturer. Together with their help, we created products that we dreamed of and wished for others to have. So, let’s look at our first collection?

Presenting – Kaia Mar products  


- Phone bag: a small bag for the most important items such as your phone, wallet and keys created for those who are tired of not finding their essentials fast enough. Small and classy, with secure magnetic closure. 

- Boxy bag: little black dress seems to never go out of style, and now so does this new Kaia Mar bag that will complement any outfit with its modern and classic design. 


When creating these simple, versatile and functional handbags, we also wanted to bring fun and uniqueness to our products. This is why we created Magji and Calipso straps. These colourful and one-of-a-kind straps are interchangeable, meaning that you will be able to create a new look while needing just one great bag. 

November 11, 2021 — Kaia Mar
How will COP26 determine the future of fashion?

How will COP26 determine the future of fashion?

As this year United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) has already started, it is important to find out what changes it will bring to the fashion industry. The climate change crisis has been a headache for everyone: from government leaders to individual people. Among them are brands and their owners who feel enormous pressure and responsibility for what is happening with the environment. 

Since everyone is tackling the same problem, the best thing, in this case, is to unite and use everyone’s power and resources to work on the solutions together. This is why some of the greatest fashion organizations, consultancies, forums and brands decided to write an open letter to the leaders and address some of the main goals the fashion industry needs to achieve in the nearest future. So, what are these goals and how they are going to shape fashion? 

- To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050;

- To usefully eliminate waste;

- To encourage businesses to take responsibility for their supply chain;

- To educate people and especially children on how to re-use and repair their clothes;

- To think of solutions to tackle climate problems having in mind that the occurring business model is focused not on profit and loss but on a wellbeing economy. 

These new collectively set goals mean that there needs to be a lot of work put in to stop the damage that has already been done and make the fashion industry a more transparent, responsible and honest place. This can only be achieved if “players” of this industry take a hard look at what’s been going on in the recent past and honestly admit what their mistakes were. Next step is to correct these mistakes. This change can be truly hard but necessary to implement.  

November 07, 2021 — Kaia Mar
Will lab-made diamonds become a girl’s best friend?

Will lab-made diamonds become a girl’s best friend?

What do we know about lab-made diamonds? 

It feels that little by little, sustainability is taking over every aspect of our lives. And this time, it is “targeting” the jewellery market. There is an alternative to sometimes called “bloody diamonds” – lab-grown diamonds that are just as real as the ones extracted from the Earth. 

What is a lab-made diamond?

As the name suggests, lab-made diamonds are made by scientists who use specific materials and elaborate machinery to create these gemstones. The main misconception about these diamonds is that they are not real. They are authentic and carry the same physical and chemical qualities as real diamonds. Besides this, they also benefit people and the environment in multiple ways.

Why choose a lab-made diamond? 

  • Conscious choice that will last forever. These tiny gems that suppose to bring joy have a huge impact on the environment. Since diamonds “hide” in the depths of the Earth, it takes heavy machinery and explosives to get to the source. All this result in deforestation, polluting air and water and disturbing the wildlife. With diamonds being made in the lab, there is less damage done to the planet.
  • Gemstone worn without guilt. The diamond mining industry is known for its horrible working conditions and exploitation of people. People who work in the mining area risk their health and well-being for not considerate pay. No such thing happens when diamonds are “mined” in the lab. 
  • Fulfilling your dream for a lower price. Since lab-grown diamonds go through a shorter production chain, they are cheaper. So, this means that more people can afford to have a real diamond.

Diamonds by Clean Origin 

One of the most prominent companies that work with lab-made diamonds is Clean Origin. Their mission is to remove doubts about lab-grown diamonds and provide people with the best experience when it comes to picking diamond jewellery. For this all to happen, Clean Origin use the knowledge and practice that they gained through the years. 

October 03, 2021 — Kaia Mar
Will genuinfluenceres replace influencers?

Will genuinfluenceres replace influencers?

Have you ever asked yourself why you started following someone? The reason for this usually is that we get impressed by their lifestyle, it gets interesting to see how they change throughout time. But not all changes are for good: after a while, we start to notice that an influencer’s account reminds more of a billboard than a real person’s account.  

From influencers to genuinfluencers

What makes someone a successful influencer? The audience. To attract an audience, they need interesting content that goes together with good deals and promotions. With time people started to realize that even their favourite influencer who they followed for years might be talking about some amazing product not because they truly believe in it but because they have bills to pay. For this reason, influencers became more scrutinized by their audience. Why did this happen? People got tired of ads and constant promotions - all they want and need is entertaining advice. Seeing the influencer promoting different brands of the same product raise suspicion about how much they believe in what they do. And sometimes all people need from influencers is some educational and involving content rather than urging them to buy something.  

Who are genuinfluencers? 

Genuinfluencers are micro-influencers who are there to spread awareness on certain problems, give important information and make an impact when we’re trying to make an informed decision. Now people are very much involved in solving environmental problems and changing one’s habits to become more sustainable, so they look for someone who could inspire and educate them on topics such as conscious fashion. One of these influencers is @emsladedmondson, who is on the list of 100 UK Leading Environmentalists. She is the founder of @charityfashionlive encouraging people to choose second-hand clothing to create stylish outfits instead of running to fast fashion stores. 


A new approach to brands and people 

Genuinflunecers are there to give out information and advice and not to sell products. However, brands are very interested in such people as they are trustworthy and valuable. Genuinfluencers present things to others that they first find interesting themselves. They dig deep to get to the bottom of things and present it to the public. They manage to convey their interest and knowledge to others by not thinking about the profit first. 

 Have you already noticed the rise of genuinfluencers? 

September 14, 2021 — Kaia Mar
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Future of fashion: what innovations are implemented in the fashion industry?

Past events happening in the world showed that the only stable thing is change. And what else do we know to be constantly changing? Fashion. But how did fashion change, adapt, and evolved during this time? Where does it shift towards? What kind of fashion innovations should we look for? 
September 06, 2021 — Kaia Mar