Have you ever asked yourself why you started following someone? The reason for this usually is that we get impressed by their lifestyle, it gets interesting to see how they change throughout time. But not all changes are for good: after a while, we start to notice that an influencer’s account reminds more of a billboard than a real person’s account.  

From influencers to genuinfluencers

What makes someone a successful influencer? The audience. To attract an audience, they need interesting content that goes together with good deals and promotions. With time people started to realize that even their favourite influencer who they followed for years might be talking about some amazing product not because they truly believe in it but because they have bills to pay. For this reason, influencers became more scrutinized by their audience. Why did this happen? People got tired of ads and constant promotions - all they want and need is entertaining advice. Seeing the influencer promoting different brands of the same product raise suspicion about how much they believe in what they do. And sometimes all people need from influencers is some educational and involving content rather than urging them to buy something.  

Who are genuinfluencers? 

Genuinfluencers are micro-influencers who are there to spread awareness on certain problems, give important information and make an impact when we’re trying to make an informed decision. Now people are very much involved in solving environmental problems and changing one’s habits to become more sustainable, so they look for someone who could inspire and educate them on topics such as conscious fashion. One of these influencers is @emsladedmondson, who is on the list of 100 UK Leading Environmentalists. She is the founder of @charityfashionlive encouraging people to choose second-hand clothing to create stylish outfits instead of running to fast fashion stores. 


A new approach to brands and people 

Genuinflunecers are there to give out information and advice and not to sell products. However, brands are very interested in such people as they are trustworthy and valuable. Genuinfluencers present things to others that they first find interesting themselves. They dig deep to get to the bottom of things and present it to the public. They manage to convey their interest and knowledge to others by not thinking about the profit first. 

 Have you already noticed the rise of genuinfluencers? 

September 14, 2021

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