Past events happening in the world showed that the only stable thing is change. And what else do we know to be constantly changing? Fashion. But how did fashion change, adapt, and evolved during this time? Where does it shift towards? What kind of fashion innovations should we look for? 

Focus on sustainable materials

A lot of attention now is given to sustainable garment production and materials. The rise of faux textile means that the fashion industry succeeded in starting its shift towards more conscious decision making. Textile from fruits, plants, seaweed, and the one grown on trees, shows how science improved the quality of garments. Circular.Fashion combines years of practice and innovation development to make sure that the new product doesn’t go out of its “circle”.

Sustainable things for everyday

But fashion is more than that. For those who cannot live without glitter, but know the damaging power of microplastics, Eco Stardust offers biodegradable glitter. Paptic is a brand that creates high-quality, durable and sustainable packaging as an alternative to all the plastic that we use temporarily and then throw away without realizing how much waste it creates. These are only a few examples of how simple and smart innovations can make the world safer and more comfortable. 

Changes that evoke curiosity

Technology is changing and re-shaping our world more than ever. So, what kind of changes does it bring to fashion? Superpersonal – a styling app that allows people to try clothes virtually. This is especially important nowadays when going out and walking around the shops is not recommended. Are virtual fitting rooms going to be our new normal? What about Digital Runway? The pandemic already showed how creative people get even while being limited. 

We can only imagine what the future will hold for the fashion industry, creators and investors, but it surely will not disappoint. 

September 06, 2021

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