Everything happens for a reason. This is why a lot of brand owners started their journey to satisfy their curiosity, fulfil their dreams, and prove that something can be done or produced better. But let's put these reasons aside for a bit and think about today. Every successful brand has to think about its actual impact on the environment. So, what do these brands need to become conscious?  

Brand identity

At least once in a lifetime, we had to answer a question of who we are. This is also one of the most important things when we talk about a brand and its identity. The way a brand represents itself, what it communicates and delivers – all this later becomes associated with its name. 

Mission statement 

One of the main things that motivate people and make them bring it to the fullest is a goal. What do you want to achieve with your brand? What are your aspirations? Wishes? Monica Vinader, a jewellery artist, created her brand simply wanting to provide women with affordable and sustainable accessories. She fulfils her goal by running a successful brand that sells luxuriously looking jewellery from recycled silver.

Quality assurance

Her example also shows that it is not enough to want things. It takes hard work and often thinking about two things at once to make sure that what you produce are high-quality products. What needs to be taken into consideration, in this case, is the whole production or supply chain. 

-   Materials : what kind of materials are used for the production? Are these materials certified? 

Manufacturing : who makes the product? How do they manage the work? Do they follow fair labour standards? 

Fair trade : how transparent the brand is with its partners and customers?  

Leading an ethical brand is rewarding. Doing things right and spreading awareness are the new traits of high quality.

August 27, 2021

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