As this year United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) has already started, it is important to find out what changes it will bring to the fashion industry. The climate change crisis has been a headache for everyone: from government leaders to individual people. Among them are brands and their owners who feel enormous pressure and responsibility for what is happening with the environment. 

Since everyone is tackling the same problem, the best thing, in this case, is to unite and use everyone’s power and resources to work on the solutions together. This is why some of the greatest fashion organizations, consultancies, forums and brands decided to write an open letter to the leaders and address some of the main goals the fashion industry needs to achieve in the nearest future. So, what are these goals and how they are going to shape fashion? 

- To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050;

- To usefully eliminate waste;

- To encourage businesses to take responsibility for their supply chain;

- To educate people and especially children on how to re-use and repair their clothes;

- To think of solutions to tackle climate problems having in mind that the occurring business model is focused not on profit and loss but on a wellbeing economy. 

These new collectively set goals mean that there needs to be a lot of work put in to stop the damage that has already been done and make the fashion industry a more transparent, responsible and honest place. This can only be achieved if “players” of this industry take a hard look at what’s been going on in the recent past and honestly admit what their mistakes were. Next step is to correct these mistakes. This change can be truly hard but necessary to implement.  

November 07, 2021

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