What defines a luxury product? What kind of characteristics it has? No matter what boxes you would tick, one of the main aspects is outstanding quality. And for brands that create high-class clothing, accessories and shoes, it is important to make sure that all this great quality would be obtained as consciously as possible. As now, more than ever, buyers are aware of how the supply chain works and what impact does it have on our environment. Having this in mind, let's see what are these 5 luxury brands that are trying to serve us both, the glam and the eco. 


As Rome was not built in a day, Gucci also takes time to meet its sustainability goals. The brand presented its 10-years Culture of Purpose plan, including changes in the working sector, production and environment. Their latest collection, Gucci Off The Grid, made from recycled materials, is serving some fashionable pieces, shoes and accessories. 


If you ever dreamed of having a piece of clothing made by Versace, know that you are supporting sustainable Italian fashion. Prioritization of their customers' health leads them to reach one of their main goals – chemical safety. So, their garments do not include dangerous substances. Another important step in Versace’s production – refusal to use the real fur. 


Burberry’s attempt to become more sustainable shows in their exhaustive report. Brand’s changes for the better, after finding out that they are burning their unsold garments, include company, community and the product. As they share their journey to being fully sustainable, we can already see some improvements in production, such as more sustainably produced cotton, cooperation with more conscious and certified suppliers. 

Louis Vuitton

The brand creates handbags and other accessories that could probably be recognized by any person. But what is the viewpoint of this brand on sustainability? To answer this question, LV has created the LIFE program, believing that luxury is nothing without sustainability and that sustainability can also be luxurious. 

Another Tomorrow

From ethically made and certified materials to ensuring environmental and human welfare. Another Tomorrow is a clothing brand that focuses on keeping their supply chain as short as possible. They are creating long lasting garments from certified materials, making sure that the whole process would be as less harmful to the environment as possible. 

May 03, 2021

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