We might think that becoming conscious and questioning our planet’s future is a recent phenomenon. But concerns regarding the impact we have on our environment were expressed already in 1970 when the first environmental movement called Earth Day took place. History shows that problems, such as air and water pollution, have been in our mind for quite some time. 
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But what this movement means for the fashion industry? 

Fashion no longer means just being trendy and knowing how to style your clothes and accessories. The question “what are you wearing?” is still very much relevant, but this question is no longer asked to find out how expensive and well-known the label is. Today’s consumer who is informed and educated is shaping the future of the fashion industry.

How? By choosing sustainable garments that are considered to be best for people and the environment. This motivates fashion brands to look for more conscious ways to consolidate their position in the industry. The statistics and information provided by The European Parliament only confirm the seriousness of the situation, which means that becoming more sustainable is no longer a choice for the brands, but a necessity. Considering this, here are three brands are a great example of how to make sure to provide customers with the best not risking the environmental welfare:

  • Ark & Sea is a brand that creates garments and accessories to support wildlife and animal shelters. They work with foundations and charities that are involved in cleaning the ocean, taking care of marine life and animals in shelters.
  • Pangaia is a clothing brand that is determined to provide its clients with sustainable production, educate them about materials and manufacturing, and make sure that all recourses would be used in a smart way.
  •  Mylo is a company that makes sustainable materials and collaborates with our beloved fashion brands such as Adidas and Stella McCartney to provide its customers with consciously made and high-quality products.  

With changing approach to environmental problems, let’s not forget that each day is Earth Day as long as we are considerate.


April 22, 2021

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