Buying from second hand shops meant different things at different times. For some second hand shopping could’ve associated with bad smell and lack of money, and for some, this was a place where they could spend hours going through racks of clothes until finding that one gem – brand jacket, handbags or never worn shoes. Second hand shops can cause displeasure as well as extreme joy. But what does it mean for us in today’s context? 

Buying from second hand clothing shops or using special platforms for this, such as Depop or Vinted, became more popular.

Why ?

First, let’s acknowledge that we are all unique, and sometimes we tend to express our uniqueness through clothes and accessories. In this case, second hand shops help us to find exceptional and one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be found in fast fashion stores.


The second and fundamental reason why second hand shopping should be important is that less clothing is thrown away. I guess we don’t have to remind ourselves that the fashion and leather industry is in a tough spot when we talk about environmental issues. If we simply ask ourselves questions such as Do I need a new piece of clothing? Can I borrow it? Can I rent it? Can I find something worn? This would lead us to a brighter and less polluted future.


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What is great about second hand shops and platforms, is that it works both ways: you can buy from there, as well as, sell or give away things you no longer need. So, again, don’t forget to ask yourself questions such as Can I re-use this garment? Can I give it to someone? Can I sell it? Donate it?, before throwing it into the trash. This only shows that we are living in a world where we can get almost whatever we can think of. What we have to do is to remember to take responsibility for our wishes. 

April 05, 2021

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