It is said that nothing depicts history better than fashion. So, if anyone tells you that fashion is not important, there are many ways to prove these people wrong. Not only fashion trends show what kind of problems people were dealing with at a certain time, but also what was essential to them culture and tradition wise. Even though the world became globalized and the uniqueness of embracing one’s culture decreased, there are still countries that incorporate their culture in their luxurious lifestyle. And that is the Middle East. 

The modern days of One Thousand and One Nights 

We all heard beautiful and rich stories that came from the Middle East countries that made us want these wonderful, colourful dresses, sparkly jewels and shoes for which even Cinderella would die. Throughout centuries this luxury didn’t get simpler. The Middle East is still known as a place where luxury items are very much on demand. Their old traditions and religion go hand in hand with today’s modernity full of technological advantage. Simply said, middle-eastern society is young, rich and fabulous in a way that embraces their culture, religion and present. 

Sharia Law as a part of fashion law 

What is important to consider for those who have their eyes on the Middle-East fashion market, is to follow Sharia Law. Not all countries follow this religion-based law, however, in most of them, it is required to make sure that by letting your creations out in the open, it would correspond to the traditions of the Islamic culture. Even though Muslims are highly engaged in fashion, they don’t forget to respect their roots. 

“The evil eye” as an element in fashion 

This ancient and yet easily recognizable element is still used in fashion to this day. Originally the amulet that is worn to protect a person from envy is now used as an exotic detail seen on accessories, shoes and handbags. One of the prominent examples is Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Stuart Weitzman. The evil eye is incorporated in their shoe line The Eyelove and The Eyelovemore

June 01, 2021

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