You have probably heard your grandparents or older relatives say things like “your generation won’t understand this”. But is it really true that some age gap can show how different people tend to behave and do things? Recent findings show that people of various generation see and interpret some things differently. There is no doubt that technology had an enormous impact on changing people’s behaviour. In fact, Generation Z is the first generation to be born in a technologically advanced world. But is really true that today’s youngsters have a different view on “consuming” fashion?

Modern but valuable

Even though, technology already exists for quite a while, back in the day it was not as advanced as it is today. So, we might say that some generations grew together with technology. Today we can get everything with the touch of our phone or tablet, but back in the old days, we had books instead of Google and shopping centres instead of online stores. Today we appreciate the ability to do everything online, but we want the same values: high quality, affordable price, ability to choose, and best service. We want to get the same value that people wanted to have 20, 30, 50 years ago, but we want to have it all with just one finger tap.  

Living for the experience, not the product

 Have you ever heard of the American Dream? To have it all is not about having it all. It is about how you feel. When buying an expensive new car or designer bag, we usually do not think about its practical aspect. Maybe we do, but subconsciously, we also know that this new item will make us feel good, appreciated and accepted. That’s why young people are much more focused on independent brands that not only sell things, clothes, accessories or items, but they also sell story and lifestyle. They provide us with the ability to be one of a kind but at the same time to belong to the elite. 

We might say that younger generations are an updated version of the old ones. Consumer behaviour very much depicts its overall view on life. These young people carry the old values of seeking quality and worth, understanding that this can be achieved with the help of always evolving technology. They do not want to be bound by gender, race or cultural differences and they wish to support those who also have the same views. 

June 04, 2021

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