Fashion history taught us that every period has its signature looks. Designers of different epochs created pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories that still come back as fashion trends. It also shows that there was a clear distinction between genders and cultures. But now, we live in times when all these boundaries are fading away. 

Gen Z and its state of mind

Recently we talked about gender gaps and new things that young generations such as Gen Z are implementing in their daily lives. There is one more thing that youngsters are changing – the way they see gender, sexuality and cultures. One of the recent examples that embody Gen Z’s new state of mind is Vogue’s cover with singer Harry Styles wearing a dress. The message is clear – we all should be who we want to be despite what other people think. Changing gender norms, mixing race and culture is the new source of inspiration for fashion designers and creators. 

Gender-neutral brands

Erasing these distinctions between gender, sexuality, race, and cultural norms looks promising as designers will be able to take bits and pieces from the whole pot without thinking about putting people into certain boxes or putting labels on them. So which brands are already on the right path?

Pangaia – an ethical fashion brand that creates colourful and comfortable clothing for all. The brand is known for being focused on creating sustainable materials and smart designs. 

K.ngsley – the brand that focuses on “advance liberation for the Black community, the Queer community, and People of Color”. Their clean and minimalistic design is a fit for all.

BODE – this luxury brand focuses on one of a kind clothing. If you are a second-hand shopping lover that adores clothes from the past, this brand will remind you of the value of sentiments. 

June 07, 2021

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