It’s no surprise that the design of the product plays an important role in production. However, it’s not enough to just “plan” the way a garment or an accessory will look like. Production is as essential as everything else. But you might end up surprised by the fact that not all designers like to pay attention to who their manufacturer is and how they run things. So, let’s see what is crucial in this journey and what designers should take into consideration.

Who is your manufacturer?

To know who you work with is an important matter to consider. And we are not talking only about what the company name is, how fast they do things and whether they are worth your time. Who are these people that you work with? Do they share the same values as you? Are they transparent about their work conditions? What goals do they have? Are they aware of the problems that humanity face? How involved are they in knowing their clients? By knowing answers to these questions, you will understand a lot about their viewpoint and will be able to decide if you really want to work with them.

Why is it all important? 

A lot of things depend on the way we see and interpret things. But if you want your business to run smoothly, the best way to ensure this is to imagine that every “institution” that works with you or for you is a continuum of your brand. So the way how matters, such as working conditions, fair labour standards and environmental consciousness, are handled by the manufacturer should be important to the designer. This way your business will be on the right track, full of people that are trustworthy and responsible. Paying attention to those who you work with is definitely going to pay off in a long run.

June 24, 2021

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