I guess we already got used to robot vacuum cleaners, smart refrigerators and every other technological advantage that made our lives so much easier. As these innovations are taking over every aspect of our lives, what does it bring to the fashion industry? 

What do we have now?

Recent times showed to be challenging on a different level for everyone. It messed with our minds, and it made an impact on some of our habits. One of these includes shopping. If you used to love going to the actual shops and trying out things before buying them, this became practically impossible. Of course, even before the pandemic started, online shopping already was a convenient way to go if you don’t have enough time to hunt for clothes. But even online shops had to step up their game. How? If you remember times when you were scared of buying something online just because you had no idea how it will look like, if the size is going to be right, if pictures depict the actual colour and so on, now all of these things are handled with precision and care. Also, luxury online shops such as Net-A-Porter and Farfetch provide the opportunity to find all of the best designers in one place.  

What the future holds for the fashion world? 

But maybe we should ask ourselves whether we need that many clothes right now? Since most of the activities were limited and people spent most of their days indoors, do we need to think about clothing at all? We should, in a sense that some of the creators already making progress in connecting fashion design and technology. Soon we will be able to forget about buying things we don’t wear because these pieces of clothing will be digital. If you’re curious to find out what was already done in this niche, check XR Couture – the first digital fashion collection platform. And for those who always dreamed about sci-fi, dystopian themed clothing and accessories, Auroboros already launched their digital collection.  

From online shopping to digital fittings, what else fashion will bring us? 

June 29, 2021

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