As we already stepped into spring and are waiting for even warmer days to approach, it feels like the right time to think about how to renew our wardrobe. If for you that means throwing out your old clothes & accessories and buying new things, check these tips and tricks on how to be a more conscious buyer. And for those who only wish to add some nice and practical accessory to their wardrobe, let’s check what are the new handbag trends for this season are going to be and take what is best from it!

What to take from the upcoming trends?

If your eyes already hurt from all “Trends for 2021”, don’t worry. We all know that trends come and go and return and then leave once again. But we can’t ignore the fact that there is something valuable with every trend for both those who want to be inspired and for those who look for durability. So, where we should draw attention this year?

-      Details: do you remember the Chanel handbag with a long chain strap? Well, the chain didn’t go anywhere and could be found in other well-known brands collections, such as Versace

-      Material: if you want to feel like an ultimate French Rivera lady, this is a great time to buy a woven bag, as they are not only trendy but are made sustainably. If you are looking for an affordable and conscious choice, check Melie Bianco

-      Size & shape: in case you ever felt desperation when you couldn’t put all your stuff into one bag, and you thought that the best idea is just to put everything into one big sack, know that fisherman’s net is a fashionable way out.  

Things to keep in mind

Once again, it is important to remember that no matter the trend, what we should have in mind is that this new item would be suitable for us and the environment. So, here are some extra tips on how to get the best handbag there could be:

- Don’t forget to check vintage and second-hand shops. There you could find some beautiful, luxury pieces for an affordable price. 

- Want something really special? Try Etsy! This way you will support independent creators who can provide you with consciously made handbags from vegan leather.

- Educate yourself on responsible buying, experiment and create your own best trends!

May 10, 2021

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