What does it mean, and how much effort one needs to become a fully sustainable fashion brand? Is it even possible? As more fashion brands are re-thinking their ways of production, this ethical label Pangaia is showing a way of how to become a true leader in changing fashion landscape. 

According to the brand, they try to find a balance between sustainability, functionality and purpose. And this could not be achieved without cooperating with designers, researchers, scientists and those who are mastering various technological innovations. In this case, the main question is how all this cooperation contribute to what we get? How Pangaia manages to give a comfortable, trendy and sustainable product? 


It’s not easy to find a garment that would be made from material that is suitable for our skin and environmentally friendly. Pangaia uses biobased fibres, plant-based fibres, such as organic cotton, technical fabrics, where you can find grape leather of which we talked about here. They also contribute to circular fashion by using recycled cotton, wool and cashmere. Also, they are being innovative for using seaweed fiber to create high-quality, biodegradable fabrics.


The brand designs its clothing for men, women and children. Their clothing looks simple, clean and comfortable. Their garments are not there to be left hanging in the wardrobe but worn every day as it ensures that you’ll look and feel good. And the variety of colours, from classic dark tones to bright and eccentric colours, will suit everyone’s wishes. 


One of the most soothing and extraordinary things about this brand is that they care about its community and the environment. They contribute to helping our planet as much as possible. By checking their page, what they do and the information they provide to readers and customers, we believe that this way people get more inspired. Not only to buy a bright and fashionable tracksuit but to get incluenced and motivated to change one’s habits for the better, and to find out more on how we all can improve our life for a better tomorrow. 

If you ever wondered what is the meaning behind the brand’s name, it is rooted in the word “Pangaea”. This is how the world was called before separating into different continents. The brand’s name represents the wish to connect with each other and nature. 

Pangaia shows that one good example is enough to change our minds, but it is not enough to change the whole world. 

May 13, 2021

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